What to do if the RC tire is flooded?

On the wheels of an RC car tires, there is generally a small hole.

This hole is used to release air when the wheels are compressed, allowing the tires to gain more traction.

If you are playing in water or driving RC car on sand,

You will need to use a piece of insulating tape to cover the hole.

This is to prevent water and sand from entering the interior of the tire.

If you forget to do this and the tires get wet or filled with sand

It will affect the dynamic balance of the tires, causing the car to shake abnormally and not drive straight.

So, how should you remedy this?

1.Disassemble the tires, air-dry the sponge separately, remove moisture from the sponge, and then reassemble them.

This method is a bit cumbersome and requires patient handling, but it will help maintain the integrity of the tires as much as possible.

If you are unsure how to separate them, you can click on this link where I detail the process of disassembling and reattaching the tires.Everything you need to know to change a tire on your rc model car – Hobbytires – Professional RC hobby partner

2.Drill a hole in the surface of the tires and use centrifugal force generated during rotation to shake off the water from the sponge.

Firstly, you need to drill a hole on the tire surface. Whatever method you use, make sure the hole is as round as possible.

If the hole is irregularly shaped, the tire might tear apart during high-speed movement.

The method I usually use is as follows:

Start by finding a round, thin iron rod and heat it until it becomes red with a torch.

Then, use the heated iron rod to burn a hole in the tire surface.

This completes the process.

Next, install the tire on the car and use the centrifugal force generated during high-speed rotation to expel the water.

then you get your tire back!

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