How to glue RC tires

Before you glue RC tire, you must clean their inner sides to make the glue more secure.

Also, patterned tires generally have a specific front and rear direction, If installing them in the wrong direction will affect the rc car’s performance.

How to use the tire pattern to distinguish the direction:

You can tell the direction of the arrow from the pattern,Keep the arrow forward, so that when the rc car is driving, ensure that water and sand will be discharged from the gap in the tire to the sides, ensuring better grip and stability

As the picture, the direction indicated by the arrow needs to align with the front of the car.

If the tire pattern is symmetrical, there is no distinction between front and rear.

Before you glue the rc tire, It’s essential to know that different wheel materials need specific glue. You should purchase glue suitable for rubber or metal wheels; otherwise, the adhesion won’t be strong.

How to glue the RC tires:

1.First, clean the inner side of the tire and the edge of the wheel.

Spray 840 cleaner onto a dry towel and carefully wipe the bonding area. Any impurities can affect the strength after gluing.

If you don’t have 840 cleaner, you can use detergent and water as a substitute, but make sure to clean thoroughly and let it dry completely before gluing.

2.Once they are completely dry, place the tire on the wheel in the correct direction. Carefully arrange the contact surface between the tire and the wheel to ensure they are completely flat and uniform.

3.Slightly pry open the edge of the tire with your hand, drop glue into it, let it penetrate, and then release the tire to let it bond. Repeat the process, ensuring careful and subtle movements to guarantee full adhesion without deformation.

4.Tie the taped tire with a cable tie and let it sit for ten minutes

5.Unfasten the cable tie, inspect for any areas not completely bonded, and apply additional glue.

If only one of the wheel or tire is damaged, what should you do:

If the wheel is damaged, you only need to purchase a wheel that matches your tire separately and install them together to have a new tire.

Conversely, if the tire is severely worn or cracked, but the wheel is still intact, you can purchase a new tire separately and install it.

Sometimes is sponge. It happens all the time

In this case, you will face a challenge:

How to separate the damaged tire and wheel:

  • Boiling water:
    Prepare a pot large enough to accommodate all tires. Put the tires in it, fill it with water, and boil for 30 minutes.
  • After that, you only need to exert a little force to separate the tire and wheel. Before reapplying the adhesive, sand the previously glued areas with sandpaper.
  • Sculpture knife:
    Prepare a small sculpture knife, wear a glove to protect yourself.Use your thumb to pry the tire outward while slowly cutting along the surface where the wheel and tire meet,Make sure your blade is against the wheel.
  • Proceed step by step, rotating the tire after cutting one area so that the next area to be cut faces upward. Then hold it down and repeat the previous operation.
    This method is somewhat challenging and time-consuming, but if you enjoy doing manual work, you will find joy in it.

When you successfully separate.Then you can glue the new RC tires.

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