10 Ways to Choosing the Right Rc Tires

As an RC model car enthusiast, if you are not a fan of aggressive driving, the most common parts you’ll likely replace are the tires, as they tend to wear out.

Therefore, choosing a new set of tires becomes a frequent decision-making process.

Here are ten tips I’ve summarized on how to select an excellent and suitable set of tires for your RC model car:for your reference.

1.Vehicle Type and Scale

Different types of vehicles typically use different types of tires. Factors such as the shape and size of these tires determine whether they can be installed on your car.

For instance, even if both are 1/8 scale, the tires for a monster truck are generally much larger than those for an off-road buggy.

Exactly, the first thing you need to confirm is the type and scale of your vehicle.

Once you know these specifications, you can proceed to the next step of selecting tires that are suitable for your specific car model.

Monster truck tire

Buggy tire

2.Ground Type

Consider the type of terrain you usually drive on, such as flat tracks, dirt, sand, or gravel roads. Different terrains require different types of tires.

For example, tires with small and dense treads perform well on dry tracks, while tires with deep grooves are suitable for muddy terrain.



3.Tire Hardness

Choose the tire hardness to suit the ground conditions. Hard tires are suitable for dry tracks, while soft tires are more effective on wet or muddy terrain.

Tire hardness is also related to the lifespan. In some scenarios, softer tires may offer higher performance by providing more grip and support, but they wear out more quickly.

On the other hand, harder tires tend to have a longer lifespan.

4. Combine with Clutch Size and Off-set:

Ensure that the selected tire size and off-set match your vehicle’s clutch and wheel hub. Refer to the vehicle manual to confirm the required clutch size and tire off-set.

You can also take a look at my article, where I detail how to measure wheel off-set ↓↓↓

When purchasing RC model car tires, what does the labeled “wheel off-set” on the tire attributes mean? – Hobbytires – Professional RC hobby partner

5.Inspect the tire adhesive:

Check the quality of the adhesive between the tire and the wheel hub. Ensure that the adhesive is evenly applied, without gaps or bubbles. Gently tug the tire with your hand to confirm the bond is secure.

If the adhesive is uneven, there is a high probability that the tire may detach from the wheel hub during high-speed driving, leading to a loss of control.

6. Evenness of the sponge filling:

Checking the evenness of the sponge filling inside the tire is crucial. In RC model cars, the sponge filling inside the tire is a critical element for providing suspension and traction.

The sponge filling to some extent influences the deformation of the tire, thereby affecting traction.

Uniform filling ensures that different parts of the tire make even contact with the ground, providing consistent traction.

By lightly pressing on the tire, feel for any areas that may be unusually hard or soft, ensuring the sponge filling is uniform.

7. Tire Static Balance:

The static balance of the tire is a crucial procedure that ensures the tire does not cause vibrations while rotating, thereby improving the stability and handling of the vehicle.

When purchasing, inquire whether static balancing has been performed or use static balancing tools such as a balancer to check if the tire is balanced.

8. Hub Strength Check:

Carefully inspect the appearance of the hub, ensuring its surface is smooth and free from cracks, deformities, or obvious damage. Any abnormal appearance may indicate an issue with the hub.

If it’s a nylon hub, it generally has good toughness. Press the hub with your hand until it deforms, then release it to see if it returns to its original shape.

Metal hubs require a thorough examination of the outer display surface for scratches, spots, or other defects, as well as ensuring a perfect fit in all parts of the hub.

9. Cost and Budget:

Balance the tire’s performance and cost according to your budget. Compare different brands and models of tires, choosing the one that offers the best performance within your budget.

10.Professional Recommendations:

If you find all of the above cumbersome, you can take your model’s car model to a local RC model car specialty store or seek advice from other experienced hobbyists.

They may recommend tires that are more suitable for your car model and usage conditions.


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