How to choose rc car

When buying an RC car for the first time, how do you choose the right car for yourself?

Firstly, it’s not about what kind of car you like, but what kind of terrain you have access to.

  1. Residential Community Residents:

If you live in a community where it’s crowded and there’s hardly any open space for an RC car to run freely, and you don’t want to drive far to find such open spaces, then you’re left with crawler cars and drift cars as options. Nevertheless, they can still provide you with plenty of fun.

Crawler Cars:

Crawler cars are famous for their outstanding climbing performance. You can set up obstacles to test its capabilities and start playing anywhere. Although they’re not fast, they can still bring you a lot of fun.

You can enhance its performance through some modifications or dress it up with some appearance accessories to make it look more like a real car. When taking photos of it, try to get your camera close to the ground, and you can make it look like a real car. Your friends will envy you.

Drift Cars:

If you’ve watched real drift racing competitions, you’ll have a rough idea of how it’s played. You only need a smooth floor to start having fun. They attract people’s attention with elegant drifting maneuvers. Of course, this skill is not easy to master, and you need a lot of practice, but you’ll enjoy it.

  1. Having a Large Area:

If you have a large area to use, then you have more options.

If the ground is very smooth, you can choose a On-road car, which has the ultimate speed among all RC cars, such as Traxxas’ XO1, which has a factory speed of over 100+ mph, which is quite exaggerated. You can even make it run faster through your own modifications.

If the terrain is uneven, you can choose cars with stronger performance, such as buggy, monster trucks, short-course trucks, and other models, all of which have good obstacle crossing capabilities.

Buggy: are modeled after F1 cars, with huge spoilers and low bodies, offering extremely fast speeds and good handling, designed for racing.

Monster trucks: focus more on aesthetics and playability. If you’ve seen a monster truck show, you’ll know that they have short wheelbases, making it easy to perform wheelies, flips, and other interesting moves.

Short-course trucks: replicate trophy trucks from the Baja 1000 race, with strong off-road capabilities and elegant sports postures, favored by many players.

If you intend to give an RC car as a gift to your child, you need to be more cautious because RC cars usually have very high speeds, which may cause them harm. You can choose drift cars and crawler cars as gifts, as their speeds are not too fast.

Alternatively, you can choose smaller scales, such as 1/24 or 1/18, which are smaller in size, and therefore, the speed is within a controllable range.

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