4 Tips : How to Add Weight on RC Crawler Car Tires.

Tires are the lowest part on an RC car, meaning adding weights to tires significantly lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity.

This is especially beneficial for crawler cars, as a lower center of gravity allows them to climb steeper rocks.

Therefore, adding weight to tires is a favorite modification among crawler enthusiasts. Let’s explore some methods for adding weights to tires:

1. Replace with Alloy Wheels

Typically, crawler cars come with nylon wheels.

Switching to metal wheels significantly increases tire weight.

Common metals include aluminum and brass wheels

They increase in weight and decrease in aesthetics respectively.

Aluminum wheels are easy to manufacture and come in various colors and styles due to advanced surface treatment techniques.

brass wheels, being harder to process and finish, offer fewer style options and are less chosen despite their added weight.

2.Wheel Weights Accessories

These weights are made from various materials, such as stainless steel, brass, and titanium steel.

They are installed inside the wheel hubs, providing significant weight.

However, they have a notable drawback: they are not compatible with all vehicle models.

Since each vehicle has a different structure, different cars and wheel hubs often require custom Wheel Weights Accessories.

Be sure to consider this when purchasing.

3.Weight Patches

This simple and effective method involves attaching weight patches around the wheel hub.

The advantage of this method is that you can easily adjust the amount of weight you want to add, and it’s compatible with almost all types of wheel hubs, which is very convenient.

Once installed, they are concealed by the tire and foam, allowing weight addition without affecting appearance.

These patches are standardized in grams, making it easy to choose and adjust the desired weight.

4.Lead Wire Wrapping

This is an inexpensive and effective method.

You can purchase some lead wire, (choose the diameter based on the size of the wheel hub).

Then, wrap it evenly around the wheel hub. The ends can be welded together, and finally, secured with electrical tape.

It can also be hidden inside the tire without affecting the appearance, and you can easily adjust the required weight, making it a very effective method.

Note: Lead is toxic, so avoid touching it with your hands, and it’s best to wear gloves while handling.


1.Before adding weight, ensure the RC car’s motor has sufficient torque.

While adding weight enhances stability and climbing ability, it also increases the strain on the motor and drivetrain.

If the motor’s torque is barely sufficient for climbing, additional weight may overload and burn out the motor.

Adjust the gear ratio or replace the motor to accommodate more weight.

2.Balance the weight distribution between the front and rear wheels.

As crawler cars often ascend slopes, the front wheels usually carry more weight.

Many players opt for a 6:4 or 7:3 weight ratio between the front and rear wheels. Test to find the best ratio for your needs.

3.After adding weights,

you might need to replace the tire foam with a higher density option due to the increased overall weight,

preventing the vehicle from tipping over due to insufficient support.

4.Ensure the weights are symmetrically and evenly installed to maintain vehicle stability.

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